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Meet the Inventor of the Dazzle Dot


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I am so glad you stopped by!  I am the inventor of the Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror.  I never thought I would ever invent a product, but I decided my simple idea was something other women wanted and could use, so I challenged myself, and after a year of trial and error, I was placing the Dazzle Dot in major stores around the country.


I invented the Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror for busy women like me who rush out the door every day and discover at some point that our lips need some color.  Here is where Dazzle Dot comes in handy - pull the tube out of purse or pocket and apply color using the little convenient mirror on the cap of your tube...maybe even check to see if there is any lettuce stuck to your teeth during that business lunch!  There's no longer any need to search for a compact, a spoon or a store window where you can see your reflection.


I am proud that my product is made in the USA and that it goes out to every customer in a cute cello bag with a personal thank you sticker from me.


I look forward to doing business with you!








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