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Beauty Word of Month:  Stick an adhesive backed Dazzle Dot Lipstick MIrror atop a lipstick tube and you'll no longer need to wield a separate mirror in your other hand.



Beauty Bulletin:  Instead of reapplying lipstick at the table using a compact mirror (bad form) or doing it in a cab without any mirror (bad news).  Try this little gizmo!  Just stick the teeny Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror on a lipstick cap and you can have an instant, discreet reflection.  


Beauty One to One:  I was born with an overactive beauty gene.  At age 7, I made press-on fingernails with stickers from my dad's office (you couldn't touch anything without getting stuck, but they looked great).  If I'd managed to work out the glitches on one-tenth of my brilliant beauty inventions, well who knows where I'd be today?  Alas, my million-dollar idea is still out there, but in the meantime, I do know a great thing when I see it -- like these recent finds I wish I'd invented.  Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror:  Press this little round mirror onto your lipstick cap and it turns into a mini-compact that's perfect for times when you can't tote a lot. Rebecca Nelson, WD Beauty & Fashion Editor



Beauty and Fashion News & Notes:  Ever try to freshen up your lipstick without a mirror?  Not a pretty sight.  Now, with the Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror, you'll never have to.  This tiny mirror adheres to your lipstick tube, turning it into an instant compact.



Lip Tricks:  For on-the-go touch-ups, check out the Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror.  It's a dime-size mirror that sticks to the end of a lipstick tube. 



Turn your lipstick cap into an instant looking glass with the Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror from Hills Industries.  This dime-size, self-adhesive mirror attaches to most caps and ends the frustration of rummaging through your purse for a mirror or peering into a blurry spoon to touch up your lipstick.  The tiny invention has a tiny price, too!





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