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Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror

Sticks on the Cap of a Lipstick and Turns it into a

Mini Compact! 

This dime-sized acrylic Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror is a unique one-of-a-kind product. It simply peels and sticks onto the cap of your lipstick tube.  Dazzle Dots turn any lipstick into a convenient mini compact!  It's perfect for purses, evening bags, sports bags, and pockets.


Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirrors let you touch up your lipstick discreetly anytime, any place.

These are the same lipstick mirrors that have sold in Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens 'n Things.  Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirrors have been featured on The Today Show and Oxygen Network.  They've been written about in various magazines such as Glamour, Mademoiselle, Women's Day, FitnessNew Woman, Teen, Allure, among others, as well as BEAUTY

Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirrors make FABULOUS stocking stuffers as well as gift bag items for a Bridal Party, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day!

When you need to

     color inside the lines...

"I love these little mirrors!  I can't do without them!"

Linda P.  -  Potomac, MD

DON'T get caught in embarassing situations when applying your lipstick...

Apply your lipstick perfectly and discreetly any time, any place using the 

Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror!

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